Get the best from your boiler, tank and heating system

From installation to repair, servicing, replacement and disposal, we can cover the lifecycle of your heating system.

From installation, to servicing, repair and disposal, we cover the lifecycle of your heating system

Working to complement JGas and Johnston Oils, we offer boiler servicing, fitting and repair - specialising in oil and LPG boilers and range cookers.


We also supply and fit new oil storage tanks.

Our engineers are OFTEC regulated and Gas Safe registered and are experienced in fitting and repairing boilers from all manufacturers, so you know you’ll receive a quality service every time you deal with us.

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Boiler Services

We service and repair Oil, Gas & LPG boilers. We can also supply and install new boiler & radiators


Tank Services

Tank sales and installation as well as tank flushing, cleaning and pump outs when needed.  At the end of a tank's life we can dispose of the tank safely.  Whatever your need, we have you covered.


Heating System Efficiency

Heating system and radiator installations, system flushing and installation of smart controls to allow greater control and maximise full efficiency.  Calculate and minimise your heat loss.

Complete peace of mind with the JPlan:


Annual Boiler Service


Boiler parts & labour cover


Oil tank visual inspection


We’ll keep your boiler in tip-top condition, and make sure your range cooker is working efficiently. We supply and install all sorts of oil and LPG heating and hot water boilers for your home. We can also supply and fit a new oil storage tank in your property.

Landlords & Letting Agents

As a landlord, you are legally responsible for the safety of your tenants in relation to gas safety. Planned maintenance can help keep an appliance operating at peak performance, save on expensive call out fees as well as helping to reduce fuel bills.

Hints and Tips

Why does my heating stay on when the clock/programmer is off?

This is usually the result of a faulty actuator on a motorised valve.

Why are my radiators cold when my boiler is hot?

This is normally a result of the circulation pump or a motorised valve having failed.

Why is my radiator cold at the top but warm at the bottom?

This is usually caused by air being trapped in your radiator. Using a suitable radiator ‘airing key’, you should be able to release the trapped air through the ‘bleed point’ at the top of your radiator.

Where do I find my oil shut off valve?

Your main oil shut off valve can usually be found at the bottom outlet of your fuel tank. The valve will have either a wheel type handle (clockwise to close) or a lever handle (quarter push to close).

Do I need to service my boiler and if so how often?

Annual servicing can increase your boiler efficiency, reduce emissions and ensure its safe operation. Studies have found that with just a 3mm layer of soot, your boiler efficiency can be reduced by more than 8%.

Where do I find my boiler restart button?

Your boiler restart button, also referred to as ‘lock out’, is located on your boiler burner unit. Usually, the burner unit front door cover will need to be removed to gain access to the control box reset (when ‘tripped’ the button is normally illuminated). To initiate a start-up, simply push the reset button – always […]

Why does my boiler gauge show no pressure?

The majority of modern boilers are installed as sealed systems with no header tank to automatically top up the system with water. The system pressure gauge, located either on the front of the boiler or on a nearby pressure vessel, will normally indicate 1 Bar when the system is cold. If your gauge is showing […]

Fault: Oil Boiler Locking Out

Have you checked your Fuel level? If there is plenty of oil in tank – call us and we can arrange someone to callout. If oil level is low or tank has ran dry the boiler will Lockout. Buy Heating Oil.