Covid-19 Announcement

Johnston Oils take the health and safety of all employees and customers very seriously and are following latest HM Government advice on Covid-19 Pandemic as per link below:…/guidance-for-employers-and-businesses-…

As the Covid-19 Coronavirus continues to spread in the UK and across the world, Johnston Oils want to make you aware of a number of contingencies now in place to help protect you from any impact to the service you receive from us and to protect our employees from any additional risk of contracting the virus while at work.

Since official information became available from the UK Government, we have reviewed our activities and the potential effect of the Virus on supply and distribution of both products and services. We believe our supply chain to be robust and are working closely with our suppliers regarding continuity of supply during current situation. We are continuing to review our core stock supplies daily, and should a change in our situation occur, we will be able to update information regarding contingency plans.

We have increased our resilience by equipping Regional Offices to handle core administrative activity for all parts of the group. Should we encounter an absence issue in any part of the Country, we have additional staff members in place who will now be able offer support in the handling of customer calls.

As a Johnston Oils customer, you benefit from a national team of over 40 drivers, support staff and administrative personnel. This means that should an issue of geographic absence arise within our team; we will strive to maintain your support from our pool of staff throughout the Country. Should we be in a situation where our service level becomes restricted, we will narrow our operational activity, to focus on emergency deliveries, vulnerable persons etc., in order to maintain level of service to as high a standard as is possible.